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Who Are We

Lyons Global Investigations LLC. was established to provide a private investigator for insurance claim investigations for self insured corporations, insurance companies, third party administrators, trucking companies and law firms. We also provide professional investigative services and training modules to the legal profession, corporations and private individuals.


“To Be Persuasive; You Must Be Believable

To Be Believable; You Must Be Credible

To Be Credible; You Must Be Truthful”  (Edward R. Murrow)

Its this saying that separates LYONS from the rest.

Richard Lyons Private Investigator

At LYONS your part of our Pride.

Trust in the LYON

No attorney ever wants to be caught by surprise; especially in the courtroom.  Our experience in asking pertinent and specific questions leaves no stone unturned and obtains the full witness/subject account.  LGI will ask & document the loaded question(s):  did you do it;  do you know who did it;  what did you see and how do you know that etc.  Additionally, we’ll always confirm the credibility of the provided statements through other interviews and factual documentation.

Leader of the Pride

Richard Lyons was born and raised in the SW suburbs of Chicago.  He attended St. Laurence H.S. and earned a degree from Western Illinois University.  He attributes his tireless work ethic and integrity to his Irish born parents.

Mr. Lyons is a retired federal agent with 35 years of government and private investigative experience.  Mr. Lyons served as Acting ASAC and Resident Agent in Charge (RAC) of a DHS Internal Affairs group responsible for conducting investigations of alleged employee misconduct in eleven states.  RAC Lyons presented an anti-corruption course to Moldovan officials in Chisinau, Moldova to coincide with an anti-corruption law pending before the Moldovan Parliament.

RAC Lyons served as a guest instructor on numerous occasions to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, traveled to Denmark; Lithuania; Russia and Italy relative to a joint investigation with the US Attorney’s Office and maintains a Top Secret security clearance.

Mr. Lyons previously conducted investigations for the insurance carrier representing the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) requiring photographs of CHA stairwells and tenant statements.  He also obtained evidence acquired through surveillance, undercover operations and test shipments relative to employee pilferage of customer property from a national public transportation company resulting in testimony, employee resignations and removals.

Mr. Lyons is a member of the Chicago Bar Association (Associate), Iowa Association of Private Investigators and the Florida Association of Private Investigators.  These associations enable him to remain proficient in the field through continuing education, networking and abreast of legislative and State licensing requirements.

Thank you Richard, you are the best!  Thanks again.

Richard: I’m impressed that you got him served. Good job.

Thanks Rich. Excellent work as usual!

Dear Rich, This is great news! Thank you so much for your report and prompt response. I was really hoping we’d be able to find him.

Good Morning Rich, Thank you so much.  You are definitely “The Guy”.

Thanks Rich.  I don’t need the discount.  You are too good!!