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Spousal or Individual Clients


LGI can provide US companies abroad with anti-bribery corruption training (recruitment/surveillance), background & credit checks, skip tracing services, travel advisories, security surveys and reporting guidance for pilferage attempts from your corporation.

LGI can also provide corporate executives or their loved ones a security plan with insightful passport and visa information, lost or stolen travel document re-issuance guidance and travel advisories relative to their intended international travels.


When you need to locate a person or subject’s whereabouts whose current contact information is not immediately known, a professional investigator can assist.  Whether you seek to locate an individual as a witness in a criminal or civil matter, landlord/tenant issues, because of an outstanding debt or other matter; LGI will perform queries on database systems designed for private investigators to locate the individual.

The founder of LGI has extensive international travel experience and contacts outside of the Continental United States for skip tracing issues related to missing person’s abroad.


The art of a secretive, close watch kept over persons, objects or locations is accomplished through fixed and moving surveillance.  Some suspects may attempt to test for investigator surveillance by ignoring traffic safety devices or by doubling back.  Consequently, LGI investigators use discretion and constant communication to combat such evasive techniques.

A good memory, field notes and documentary evidence are essential in any successful surveillance.  LGI investigators will generate a client progress report to serve as a factual foundation, memory aid and to enhance the credibility of the investigators observations following each surveillance activity.




“To Be Persuasive; You Must Be Believable

To Be Believable; You Must Be Credible

To Be Credible; You Must Be Truthful” (Edward R. Murrow)

Its this saying that separates LYONS from the rest.

At LYONS your part of our Pride.

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